Data Policy

What is the GroundTruth's Privacy Policy?

See the GroundTruth's Privacy Policy.

Does GroundTruth comply with GDPR?

The Audience SDK may be used in the US and Canada. It is not designed or intended for use in the EU or UK and should not be used with EU/UK Data Subjects.

Which regulations does GroundTruth abide by?

GroundTruth complies with applicable law, including relevant State privacy laws such as CCPA, CPRA, CPA, and the VCDPA.

What data does the SDK use on-device to create user audiences?

The SDK utilizes users' latitude and longitude on-device.

What user data does the SDK send off-device to GroundTruth?

The SDK shares the following data with GroundTruth:

  • OS Type
  • OS Version
  • App Version
  • Form Factor
  • Culture Code
  • Network Type
  • App Bundle ID
  • Device User Agent
  • Device Manufacture
  • Device Model Number
  • Audience SDK Version
  • Audience SDK Bundle ID
  • Audience SDK Configuration Version
  • Publisher ID Using The Audience SDK
  • Bounding Box: Latitude And Longitude
  • List Of Audience IDs With Their Names

Do I need to notify my app users about the integrated SDK’s policy regulations?

Per the SDK license agreement, Publishers are required to provide notice and obtain informed consent from users in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and the self-regulatory principles of the Digital Advertising Alliance. This includes, but is not limited to, notice regarding all of the data types being collected and used by the SDK and that such data, where applicable, may be shared with third parties, and informed consent from the user for the use of their precise location, including for behavioral advertising purposes.