Getting Started

How can I partner with GroundTruth?

If you want to partner with GroundTruth to expand addressability within your App, contact the GroundTruth team.

How do I access the GroundTruth Publisher Portal?

The Publisher Portal will be accessible after signing the partnership contract with GroundTruth.

After signing the contract, when can I access the Publisher Portal?

Access will be granted upon registration completion, which can take 3–5 business days.

What is a Publisher ID?

A Publisher ID is a unique account identifier required for the SDK integration and campaign monitoring.

How do I get a Publisher ID?

After the partnership contract is signed, the GroundTruth team will share a Publisher ID with you via email.

How do I fix sign-up or sign-in issues?

Contact the GroundTruth support team to resolve the issue.

Can I invite my team members to the GroundTruth Publisher Portal?

If your account has admin access, you can invite your team members.

How do I connect my mobile app to the GroundTruth Publisher Portal?

  1. Open the portal
  2. Go to Apps and click Add New > Get Started
  3. Paste your app's link and press the Apply button

Can I connect multiple apps to the GroundTruth Publisher Portal?

Yes, every publisher can integrate as many apps as needed. The connected apps are accessible via the Apps section. You can configure the Preference Management and Performance Monitoring sections for each app.

What is a GroundTruth API key?

An API key is a unique identifier required for calling the private GroundTruth Audience SDK API.

How do I get a GroundTruth API key?

The GroundTruth support team will provide you with an API key for each app integrated into the system.

Does GroundTruth follow any audience segmentation classification?

The GroundTruth Audience Taxonomy is mapped to the Seller Defined Audience Taxonomy developed by IAB Tech Lab. The goal of using this taxonomy is to enable publishers to maximize the monetization potential of its unaddressable inventory by providing standardized audience segments for targeting purposes