Performance Measurement

How do I view and download the audience generation performance report?

  1. Open the portal
  2. Go to Analytics & Reporting > Audience Insights
  3. Set filters to generate a report
  4. Go to the three-dots menu () and click Download data

What analytics does GroundTruth provide to Audience SDK users?

GroundTruth provides the following analytics for Audience SDK users:

Audience InsightsPerformance Offers Metrics
  • Audience Segments By Visits
  • Breakdown Of User Visit Segment
  • Audience Segments By Daily Active Users
  • Breakdown Of DAU By Total Segment Count
  • CPM
  • Revenue
  • Impression Rate
  • Click Through Rate
  • Impression Volume

Is there a way to add custom analytics?

For custom analytics requests, contact the GroundTruth support team.