SDK Management

What are the SDK integration steps?

  1. Sign the GroundTruth partnership contract
  2. Get access to the GroundTruth Publisher Portal
  3. Connect your app to the Publisher Portal
  4. Integrate the SDK into your app

What preferences can I control?

You can blocklist certain brands, user categories, and location groups for your app users. The SDK will ignore this data for audience segmentation and ad serving.

How do I update the SDK?

Depending on whether you specified the SDK version during installation, there are two ways:

  • Option 1: If the SDK was versioned: Reference the latest version manually and recompile the app
  • Option 2: If the SDK was not versioned: Recompile your app

Where is the SDK hosted?

The SDK is hosted on platform-specific package managers:

  • For iOS, it is available as a CocoaPods package
  • For Android, it is available as a Maven package

What is the SDK update frequency?

The GroundTruth team is committed to enhancing and improving the SDK regularly. You will be notified about new releases once they are available.

What is the SDK size?

The SDK takes around 4.5 MB for iOS and 500 KB for Android.