Third Party Identifier Integration

This is the integration document for the third party identifier integration of GroundTruth Location SDK for iOS.


Third Party Identifier Integration

Due to IDFA permission changes in ios 14. We have introduced third party identifier which publisher can pass as part of SDK initialisation. To use this feature enable allowInstanceId in SDK config file
Here's an example of how to initialise the Location SDK with the Third Party Identifier:

let thirdPartyIdArr = [ThirdPartyIdModel(source: "Demo App", version:"5.3", id: "Demo123456789")]

        password: "<password>",
        userBirthday: birthday,
        userGender: .male,
        thirdPartyIds: thirdPartyIdArr)
ThirdPartyIdModel *model = [[ThirdPartyIdModel alloc] initWithSource:@"Demo App" version:@"5.3" id:@"Demo123456789"];
 NSArray *thirdPartyIdArr = [NSArray arrayWithObject:model];

[XADLocationSDK configSDKWithAccessKey: accessKey
                                  password: password
                              userBirthday: birthday
                                userGender: GenderMale
                                      gdpr: false
                                      consent: nil
                         ccpaPrivacyString: nil